Already your child is learning new things about the world through places they go, people they talk to and interact with and everything they see, do feel, smell, taste and hear. We can foster this learning in a group setting and encourage further learning and developing interests.
Research shows children who are involved in quality Early Childhood Education facilities like Stepping Stones @ Braebrook are not the only ones who benefit - their family/whanau and also the wider community benefit too. Let us be involved in guiding your child to become a valuable member of our community.
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Singing and listening to stories, sharing books and puppets, talking together telling stories and sharing memories. All of which builds children’s language skills and help them to love books and reading.

Involving your child in creative arts like dancing, making music, painting, dressing up, and pretend play all of which help to develop children’s imaginations and creativity

Introducing numeracy concepts using puzzles, number play, and counting games to help children to understand math’s concepts and be more confident as they begin their schooling journey.

Inviting them to participate in building or construction activities, caring for plants and animals, helping to prepare food, being involved in baking and science experiments and playing with water and sand (measuring and mixing). These activities support children to learn about math’s and science concepts - discovering how the world around them works.
Our team from Stepping Stones @ Braebrook work within our purpose built environment to guide your child to be curious, to learn and discover amongst their peers and to build strong meaningful relationships with their teachers.  Building social confidence within the setting of Stepping Stones @ Braebrook enables children to go to school more prepared and with more confidence. Our purpose built facility is an inviting and spacious environment where children are encouraged to seek new knowledge and skills every day. A great atmosphere indoors and out allows for both structured and free play during your child’s session. We want to guide your child to become a confident and competent learner.
We will guide your child through activities and interactions such as ........