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            “I wanted to say that Rachel is amazing, I know she isn’t Jude’s head
            teacher but each time I drop Jude off on a Tuesday she will greet him
            with huge animation and friendliness and act like  she is genuinely
            excited for him to be there which I know two year olds relate amazingly
            to. She would also give me some kind of update when I collect him
            whether it be about who he is playing with, what he had been doing,
            his toilet usage and everything like that which I appreciate so much”.

            “We’re really loving working with Rose, Makayla and team - they are
            super ladies, every time Ryan sees them he’s smiling away… I was really
            impressed with Rose’s knowledge and professionalism”.

            We look forward to having you with us as part of our Stepping Stones
            @Braebrook family.


            Pebbles 022 681 6602
            Riverstones 022 074 6859
            Cobblestones 022 657 1884

             Aroha Mai, Aroha Atu – Love towards us, love going out
                                       from us.
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