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            MONTH ONE
            Welcome story/photographs – looking at how teachers are learning
            about your child and their whānau and what they enjoyed about the
            Set up invitation for parent to Storypark – we don’t set this up until
            there is something to see so usually at the end  of your child’s first
            month here.

            MONTH TWO
            Getting to know you – what teachers are learning about your child,
            what they have shown some interest in, how they are settling in or
            have settled, what the teachers have learnt about your whānau.  We
            do this to make  sure that  we  are  having  interactions  with you  and
            starting to discuss what you want your child to be developing while at
            preschool (aspirations).

            MONTH THREE
            Notice  story  –  what  teachers  are  noticing  about  children  and  their
            development (social, emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive) as a
            common thread in their days.  This will show parents what your child’s
            key teacher
             feels your child is interested in and working on/learning.
            In the same month the teacher will include their new goal and show
            what they will be supporting them with to achieve this goal over the
            next few months – the goals are set out like this…

            Observation Statement (Notice) – showing what the teachers have
            noticed about your child’s learning and what they have been engaged
            in at preschool.
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