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Below are the rates of Childcare Subsidy that applies to the income
            thresholds listed above.

                                            Rate 0   Rate 1   Rate 2   Rate 3
             Childcare  subsidy  hourly  rate,  non-  $5.13   $4.09   $2.86   $1.59
             Childcare   subsidy  up  to  50  hours  per  $256.50  $204.50  $143.00  $79.50
             week, maximum, non taxable

                             Our Philosophy is to be a nurturing educational
                             haven for our children and their families where
                             relationships are integral to all that we do. We
                             encourage whanau and community to share their
                             cultural aspirations with us and are passionate
                             about working together to see children flourish.
                             Our Kaiako/teachers are passionate and believe in
                             respectfully interacting with children through both
            care moments and growth within their learning. Our environment
            embraces, enriches and empowers children to develop into capable,
            caring, individuals.


            Stepping Stones @Braebrook Preschool is a friendly, family
            focused care and education service committed to developing a
            strong team of teachers growing their practice to provide high
            quality care and education to all children in our community.

            VISION STATEMENT –
            We strive to empower all akonga in our environment – our teachers,
            our children and our families/whanau through authentic relationships
            and collaborative, responsive communication.
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