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Below are the rates of Childcare Subsidy that applies to the income
            thresholds listed above.

                                            Rate 0   Rate 1   Rate 2   Rate 3
             Childcare subsidy hourly rate, non-  $5.13   $4.09   $2.86   $1.59
             Childcare   subsidy up to 50 hours per  $256.50  $204.50  $143.00  $79.50
             week, maximum, non taxable

                             Stepping Stones @Braebrook was built to meet the
                             needs of our diverse community of learners.
                             We are passionate about working  with
                             families.  We pride ourselves on offering nurturing,
                             respectful  and  educational  environments  that
                             allow children to grow and develop while they are

              Quality is the foundation for our philosophy, vision and values.

                   Qualified,  in  training or  experienced teachers guiding the
                   learning we value here.
                   Understanding children and family/whanau needs and being
                   respectful of them.
                   Aspirations, working collaboratively
                   to reach goals.
                   Loving and caring relationships.
                   Integrity in all we do.
                   Time is spent to respectfully interact.
                   You are  valued here as part of  our
                   Stepping Stones Family.
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