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charged the regular hourly rate for the extra time your child is with
            us.  Please let us know by phone as soon as possible if you are running
            late so we are aware.  At the discretion of Management these charges
            may not be made onto your account if we have had sufficient notice of
            lateness.  Legally all children MUST be off the premises by 6.00pm.
            Lateness after 6.00pm will be dealt with by Management.

            Public Holidays:  Public holidays will be charged at $6.50 per hour.
            Please find below a list of the New Zealand Public Holidays.
                   New Years Day
                   2 January
                   Waitangi Day
                   Good Friday
                   Easter Monday
                   ANZAC Day
                   Queens Birthday
                   Labour Day
                   Christmas Day
                   Boxing Day

                             PAYMENT & FEES BEFORE STARTING WITH US
                             Direct Debit Forms
                             We ask all families to fill out a direct debit form
                             upon enrolment.  This ensures that your account is
                             paid on time.  An invoice will be sent you by email
                             or printed for you to collect if requested.  Please
                             ensure there are sufficient funds in your account
                             for your weekly invoice amount to be debited.  Any
            failed debits will incur a bank charge to your account, please check with
            your bank what these charges are.  These charges come directly from
            your bank, not from us.
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