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WINZ subsidies may be available, please talk to
                                WINZ, visit their website or chat to Kim or
                                Charlene about your eligibility.

                                We request a minimum of 2 sessions per week,
                                at least 4 hours per session to ensure that your
                                child can be involved in our programme and is
                                settled within the learning environment  of 4
                                hours or more.  Sessions may be used in the
                                morning or afternoon between 7.30am  and
            1.00pm or 1.00pm through until 6.00pm.  Spaces requested over the
            middle of the day “full days” are a minimum of 6 hours flexible to your

            Your  child can be booked into the Centre within 30  minute
            timeframes.   For instance; they  may be  booked until 2.00pm  or
            2.30pm.  If you want to collect them at 2.15pm they will be booked in
            and able to stay until 2.30pm.

            Holidays/Sickness/Pre-arranged Leave:  Absences will be charged at
            100%.  We offer 5 days per year of absence at a discounted rate of $5
            per hour.  These 5 days of discounted leave can be used for holiday or
            sick days.  We encourage you to spend time with your family and to
            keep your unwell children home so offer these 5 days at a discounted
            rate for our families benefit.

            Late pickups   We  charge  a  $10  “late fee” if  you are late  without
            consulting us first.  Any hours attended over your booked time will be
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